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Georgia soldier returns home with a valuable lesson

December 16, 2004

Norman Park -- Many south Georgia students gasped when they found out many Iraqi children don't get pencils, much less a meal a day. But one soldier already had a strong connection with the class he's teaching.

Some Colquitt County school kids are learning something that's not yet in their history books. "A lot of the kids over there, they don't have schools with roofs on them," says Army Specialist Art Lovett.

Lovett knows first hand what Iraqi students don't have. "They have to bend down and write in the dirt, because they don't have anything."

Lovett returned from Iraq on Saturday. He's spending time with Norman Park Elementary students who spent their time sending him letters. "Just feeling something that's coming from America, it's very nice."

And nice to have his daughters Meghan and Brooke by his side. "I love it, I'm glad to see him, it's nice to have letters, but it's fun to see him and say hi to him and see his face all the time," Meghan says.

Making Christmas extra special. This class has a moment of silence everyday for the soldiers, but teacher Dot Griffin has Lovett's name at the top. "Yes, she was my kindergarten teacher," says Lovett.

She's had both of his daughters in her class. And now, he's teaching her kids about the reality of a war torn country. "I couldn't stand being there and I don't know how they can stand being there," said Brooke.

And to make it more bearable for other soldiers, the class gave Lovett another package of letters to share with his comrades. He goes back four days after Christmas.

Specialist Art Lovett was deployed in September and may not be back home until June, 2005. He is with the 414th Gun Truck Company.

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