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Three arrested for not stopping child rape

December 16, 2004

Albany-- Twenty-four-year old James Clemmons is accused of raping his 10 year old niece, and not only is he in jail, so are his family members who knew about the rape and did nothing about it.

Clemmons' mother, his sister and his mother's boyfriend are in jail for looking the other way while Clemmons repeatedly raped the little girl over a two day period.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Cohilas said, "[They] Were all present in the home. Were aware that the child was there. Some of them were actually in the other room as she was raped, and was screaming."

Tara Clemmons, 26, the aunt of the victim, is charged with obstruction. Investigators say she is currently under indictment for molesting her own son.

Her mother, Teresa Clemmons, the grandmother of the ten year old victim, and her boyfriend Bunice Jones, were also arrested. "They all lied about the presence of that child and other children that were present here, in an effort to cover up," Cohilas said.

At the same time, deputies searched the mobile home on East Broad Avenue, looking for Victoria Rudeseal. Last week investigators arrested her boyfriend Daniel Proctor, and charged him with molesting Rudeseal's 8-year-old daughter. Now authorities will charge her for allowing those attacks to happen.

"We have a duty in our community to take care of our children," Cohilas said.

Rudeseal is still on the run.

Sheriff's Deputies say they have arrested members of the Clemmons family many times. They have been charged with several violent crimes, many involving children as victims.

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