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Pedestrians be cautious in parking lots

December 15, 2004

Albany- It was during the Tuesday evening rush hour, that fast driving through a parking lot ended the life of Ginny Crisler.

"The witnesses who have seen the vehicle, the incident as it unfolded said that the vehicle was coming through at a high rate of speed," said Sgt. Tony Moore, a hit and run investigator with the Albany Police Department.

Angel Belle-Conlon is a stylist in Bella's Salon in the strip mall. She's seen people drive too fast through the parking lot before.

"People are coming and going and, a lot of people, I don't think, pay attention," Belle-Conlon said.

The unusual part of Hunter's Mill, is that the narrow parking lot is tucked in between Old Dawson Road and Dawson Road, two busy areas. But what happened there is a harsh reminder of the importance of taking extra time to be extra cautious in any area where there are vehicles.

Now police are counting on eyes that saw anything.

"We're getting a numerous amount of calls. I am drawing closer to the culprit," Moore said.

Ginny Crisler got out of her car and was hit before she even tried to cross the parking lot. It's a tragedy that will make the people who come here every day, pay more attention.

"Any parking lot from now on. Even my children this morning, I said be careful when you go to the bus stop, this morning be extra careful."

Because you never know when the recklessness of someone else may wreck the lives of others.

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