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A dirty chimney could mean danger

December 14, 2004

Albany- Dirty Harry has been sweeping chimneys since 1977. He says if you use your fireplace often, you need to have your chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

"If the chimney's done right before and all of a sudden it starts smoking on you, we'll that's a pretty good sign it probably needs cleaning, but at the same time first check the damper. Then if they put a screen or any type of wire on top of it, they have a bad tendency to clog up," Dirty Harry says.

Harry says if the soot buildup in the fire box is an eighth of an inch or more, you likely need your chimney swept.

He also says you should never burn wrapping paper or use your chimney as an incinerator, flaming debris floating up your chimney can start a fire.

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