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South Georgia braces for North Pole weather

December 14, 2004

Thomasville-- Remember last week and those spring like temperatures the upper 70's? Well, it's finally time to break out the winter coats and gloves.

Cold wind blowing through faded fall leaves makes for a beautiful sight, but it has a bitter sting.

"When the wind hits you, it's very cold," said a local observer. "It's real cold."

The real cold weather swept into South Georgia quickly, but arrived just in time for the holidays. "It's perfect time. It's Christmas, it's cold. It's how it should be," said another.

And it gives people a chance to snuggle up. "It bundle up weather, it's cuddle weather so.... ha ha ha!" said one Thomasville resident.

And kindle that fire. "I'll probably turn the fire on, have some good soup, and get some blankets out and curl up with my dogs," said one man.

But beware, because the wind bites. "All I can say is it's coldddd, that's all." Although temperatures in the twenties sound and feel cold, remember it could be worse.

WALB meteorologists are forecasting a low of 23º Wednesday morning.

The lowest temperature officially recorded in Albany was minus two degrees way back in February of 1899.

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