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Greeters giving help to postal customers

December 13, 2003

Albany- Listen up when Linda Erickson tells you how to mail your package.

Because it's her priority to get them where they're going.

"They need to get them out so they can be there when Christmas arrives," she said.

Linda is a postal service lobby greeter. She's here to guide customers either in to see the window clerks or introduce them to the automated postal center.

"If the line is long in there, it's a lost faster doing it out here."

Because this machine almost does it all.

"Express mail, priority, first class, parcel post," she rattled off.

It takes your debit or credit cards any time of the day.

"It's available to customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day."

Linda promises, it's people friendly.

"My philosophy is if you can vote on a voting machine, you can use our APC machine."

But if you haven't mailed yet, it's too early to fret.

"We'll continue mailing stuff right up until the last minute."

If you need help, just look for Linda.

"I will be her until Christmas."

Making it her top priority to get the right postage on packages heading out for the holidays.

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