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Chanukah cycle nearly complete

December 13, 2004

Albany-- Tonight, Jews will light the seventh candle on the Chanukah menorah.

Deerfield Windsor lower school students lined up as a human menorah and sang a traditional song about Chanukah. The kids also learned about Hebrew prayers and popular games like the dreidel.

"We haven't been playing dreidel very much," said Tessa Green.

"There's eight nights of Chanukah and you get presents every night. There are different games like dreidel, where you spin a top," said Matt Miller.

"Last night, I got chocolate and stuff and my brother and sister got peaches," said Brent Goldsmith.

The candles on the menorah represent faith, freedom, courage, love, charity, honesty, knowledge, and peace. Chanukah started last Tuesday and ends tomorrow evening.

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