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Severe storm peels off roof panels

December 10, 2004

Lee County - Many south Georgians awoke to rain, strong winds, hail and lightning in the middle of the night.

And for one Lee County family, that noise was only part of the storm. They heard the scary sound of aluminum panels peeling off their mobile home

Foy Hammack may never really know if it was a tornado or just strong winds that scattered her roof panels all over her backyard. Foy says, "I know one thing, it scared me."

It was a heart pounding storm. She points and adds, "The wind must have been going this-a-way."

For Foy, the curiosity is not in what the wind blown panels hit, but what it missed. Debris missed her car and failed to take down the power line. One piece of panel fell neatly between the trash can and the shed. Foy smiles, "That's amazing to me that it threw it down right here, no damage."

She was the only house hit in the neighborhood. Foy says, "That's what is sounded like to me, a tornado, it was all of the sudden."

The only part of the panel roofing that was saved was a section that was tied down. She adds, "There will be two more tie downs put on it."

Tie downs that anchored the mobile home with Foy and her bedridden husband inside.

The family does have insurance, but they're not sure how much it will cost to replace the panels.

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