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Pool player hopes to rack up big win

December 10, 2004

Thomasville - Herb Williams has played pool throughout his life. He's never broken any records but enjoys the game. "When my friend told me about the league," says Williams, "that's when I really started, which was about three years ago. I've been in the league about three years."

And in those three years, he became the first person from his league to have a shot at the National Championships in Las Vegas, he didn't win, and says, "I don't make every shot that's for sure," but he chalks up that loss to what he hopes will be a big break this April in his second go round for the title.

He says, "Last time I kind of felt like I was lucky to go, but now I feel like I could win." And if he does, he'll pocket $15,000 dollars in cash. "I'm confident in my skills," says Williams, "and I feel like I can do really well there, and so I'm, I'm even looking at winning."

Hoping to stick it to the competition as he shoots straight to the top. Herb Williams won the region title in Jacksonville in October. Even if he doesn't finish on top in Vegas, his airfare and hotel are paid for, and he gets $200 in spending money.

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