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Additional charge added for S. Ga. doctor

December 10, 2004

Lowndes County - A South Georgia doctor arrested for beating his two-year-old daughter is now also charged with assaulting his wife.

Dr. Jason Cox of Adel was arrested Wednesday for beating his little girl because she wouldn't say "yes sir." Now investigators say he beat his wife, Dr. Antoinette Cox in June when they were living in Lowndes County.

Friday, they took out another warrant for his arrest.

Cox was taken from the Adel Jail to Memorial Hospital of Adel Wednesday night because he complained of chest pains. He was released from the hospital yesterday and bonded out of jail.

"We've got a statement from the victim, we've got medical records, and photographs," said Detective Wanda Edwards.

He's expected to surrender to police in Lowndes County tonight.

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