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Governor goes to work for small business

December 9, 2004

Albany- At Cottonworks in Albany, employees cut, sew and pack up futon covers to sell to retailers.

"We've got about 250 different fabrics that we manufacture covers out of," said Cottonworks President Jim Martin.

Business has been inconsistent over the past couple of years, some months better than others, but President Jim Martin says things are getting better.

"The last half of this year has picked up, as far as more consistent sales," Martin said.

Cottonworks may not look very small by the stacks of fabric piled up in the building, but with 24 employees, they are a small business. But these companies are important to our economy and always need the help of our state government.

Governor Sonny Perdue announced Thursday that he will fight for small businesses in the upcoming legislative session.

"We want to make those 5 employee businesses, ten employee businesses. And the 10's to 20's and to grow our home folks because those jobs stay in place," Perdue said.

The legislation he will push will ensure rules and regulations don't hurt small businesses, but that doesn't mean political leaders won't hunt for big business.

"We go out and involve incentives for major companies coming in, but it's a resource focus for the small businesses as well as incentives that will help stimulate the economy," he said.

That's good news for the ones working in the small business world everyday.

"Any help we get with taxes and controlling inventory certainly helps," Martin said.

Helping small businesses like this will end up giving Georgia's economy a boost, and that's good news for all of us.

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