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Get holiday cards and gifts in mail quick

December 9, 2004

Albany - Christmas is less than 20 days away and if you haven't sent holiday cards, it's not too late. The post office can give you a quick fix with a personal touch without leaving your home.

Barry Pellicano is learning something new, how to get out of Christmas shopping. He says, "Really didn't know what I was doing at first, but it was pretty neat. I don't go out shopping, so it would be something in lieu of that."

The U.S. Post Office Ambassador, Vivian Evans-Mayes, tells Pellicano, "You never have to leave your home to do your Christmas shopping, you do everything online."

You can make greeting cards which start off electronically. You design it all on your computer, including the message, color, artwork and you can even add a picture.

Your card design is sent on the information superhighway. The CardStore stamps it, with a stamp of your choice, and sends it by mail to your friends and family. Evans-Mayes explains, "If you go on today and design them they go out in the mail tomorrow."

The cost to you is the card and the stamp. That's unless you want to add a gift card from a list of businesses. A great alternative for those who hate shopping. Pellicano adds, "That's the main thing, shopping takes too much time."

Pellicano just learned how to create the NetPost cards and he says with a little practice it takes two to three minutes.

The postcards and greeting cards range from 79 cents to $3.50, including postage.

You can also create cards for other special occasions and choose a date for it to be sent out. To get to the NetPost CardStore, go to

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