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Fall Feather Hunt targets economic growth

December 9, 2004

Dougherty County -- 16 industry and business leaders were treated to quail hunting Thursday morning. The 17th Annual Fall Feather Hunt brings the decision makers to South Georgia, where they are shown the advantages of doing business in the Peach State.

John Ibbotson is the C.E.O. of Colt Manufacturing, the gun makers. He spent part of the morning Quail Hunting with Albany Marine Base commander Colonel John Lopez. A business relationship was born that could grow into Colt expanding operations into Georgia.

Ibbotson said "It's one way they can hold your interest for a day. You are not going anywhere, and if questions need to be asked, this is the time to do it."

The Fall Feather Hunt brings industry leaders to bird hunt at South Georgia plantations. Peachtree National Bank President Ron Duffey said "Sometime they have never shot a gun before. But they come and enjoy themselves just as much as hunters who have been here 20 years."

The businessmen are given a great weekend of fun, with a little soft sell for Georgia. Harold Bevis of Delta Airlines said "It definitely works. We got some great prospects on this trip, that we hope are going to choose to move either all of their facilities or part of them to Georgia."

 David Barnhardt of Grubb and Ellis came from Philadelphia for this hunt. Barnhardt said "And it will pay dividends for you folks. It's just a matter if it's going to be this year or couple of years down the road."

And the dogs, birds, plantation, and Southern Hospitality will leave a positive impression on these guests. One that could mean business expansion in our area, bringing more jobs and prosperity.

The Fall Feather Hunt has paid off for the state. Six companies that took part last year have announced expansion into Georgia.

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