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Feather Hunt shoots for big business in Georgia

December 8, 2004

Dougherty County- Sometimes it's easier to do business outside the office.

That's the idea behind the Chamber of Commerce's Fall Feather Hunt. Business executives from all over the country are in Dougherty County for two days of skeet shooting and hunting.

"We've got a friendly business environment and there are so many companies that have had phenomenal success by putting an operation into this area and into Georgia," said George Israel, president of the state Chamber of Commerce.

They're also learning about our area and workforce to see if south Georgia would be a good place for them to do business.

"One of the key things a pharmaceutical company needs is a lot of scientific people and that's a question of whether that's available here in this area," said Dave Bethune, CEO and President of Atrix Laboratories.

The Fall Feather Hunt has led to about $3 billion in investments in Georgia, but it can take years for companies to decide to locate here.

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