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Find missing pets

December 8, 2004

Albany- Maria Burley loves animals.  She says "I have eight cats and every one is special to me." Her cat Peanut was particularly special.  Burley explains "It's hard to talk about him."  

That's because Peanut dissapeared about a year ago. "I searched for him. I put ads in the paper, went door to door. I did everything I could," she said.

Now, Burley is doing everything she can to help get other pets back to their owners. She's launched a new web site that features lost and found animals, Peanut's .

She hopes the site will help reconnect people to their missing pets.  Burley claims "It's like having a kid missing," and she knows how that feels.  Burley explains "It is so devastating to just not know. Is he dead? Is he ok? Is he inside? Is he cold. Is he scared? It's very very hard."

It may not be that hard to find your missing pets with the help of Burley's new site. They could be just a click a way.  

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