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Pops packs barrels of food for needy

December 7, 2004

Albany- John Cornett knows what it means to be fed twice in one meal at the Albany Rescue Mission. He was at the lowest point in his life when he came here.

"Instead, the Lord gave me another chance," Cornett said.

Mission Founder Larry Hample made sure he was fully-fed spiritually and physically. Now John is the mission's program director and he's giving back.

"Our foremost duty is to get that soul saved, if he's not saved," Cornett said about people who come into the mission.

But the mission also makes sure the people who come here, either for one meal or for months of meals, have everything they need.

"And we'll add their livelihood, the food, we give them clothes and everything, but first we want to see that precious soul saved."

The rescue mission serves an average of 4,000 meals every month. Keeping enough food to serve three meals a day though, isn't easy. That's why food donated on the way in to hear Peppermint Pops with the Albany Symphony Orchestra is a bigger gift than people may ever know.

"The people just don't realize when they give what a blessing it is to these dear people," Cornett said.

Especially when the mission is serving more people during the holidays than they ever have.

"But here in the last two to three years our numbers, year wide, not just at the holidays have increased dramatically because we stay full now," Hample said.

Full of people looking for help.

"I would tell them to put your fears aside and come here and sup with us," Cornett said.

And because of meals at the Albany Rescue Mission, especially the spiritual ones, John Cornett's made it his mission to help whoever he can.

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