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Women run from armed robber

December 7, 2004

Albany -- A gunman tried to rob two women in the Albany Mall parking lot Monday night, but they would not cooperate.

About 7:30 PM, the two women, ages 51 and 28, were walking to their car when they were approached by a man. He pointed a small pistol at the women, and demanded their purses.

One of the women said no, and they ran back into the Mall. The startled robber ran away.

Albany Police say crimes of this sort increase during the holidays. Albany Police Lt. Tracey Barnes said "Park in a lighted area, be with somebody. Have your keys out to your vehicle, when you get there. Hide your items inside your vehicle, don't have them out in plain sight. Also if someone approach and demands something, I suggest you give it to them. It's not worth your life."

 No arrests have been made in the Mall robbery attempt.

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