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Car buyer's market

December 7, 2004

Albany-- Experts say December is the best time of the year to get a great deal on a new car. South Georgia dealers agree, and say they are doing everything they can to sell you a new ride.

You hear it everywhere, the '04 models have got to go.

 And it's true. South Georgia dealerships are trying to get rid of last year's models.

Wallace Chevrolet sales manager Buddy Carver said "It's a buyers market. If you are looking to save, now is one of the best times ever."

Most American manufacturers are offering zero financing for 72 months. Ford and Lincoln Mercury is offering up to 11-thousand dollar rebates.

Albany Lincoln Mercury salesman Robert Hubbard said "This is your Lincoln L.S. And this is one of your neat built cars. It is sitting on a Jaguar chassis, but it has a V-8 Engine."

This Chevrolet says $49,700 on the sticker, but is marked down to $43,000, before you start haggling.

Salesman Billy Holloway said "It has a convertible top. All you do is press the brakes, and mash the convertible button here, and the top folds, electric. It's a convertible hardtop."

It's also the end of the year, and car dealerships want to make their sales quotas.

It's also time for bragging rights, with top salesman and best selling car awards to be decided in the next four weeks.

Carver said "Everybody wants to be recognized as the top producer, so sales are important. It drives the market."

Car dealerships also don't want to pay inventory tax on all their stock January First.

Hubbard said "If you don't hurry up and get rid of those 04's, it'll eat your lunch."

They want to sell these cars now. If that means zero percent financing or six thousand dollar rebates, manufacturers are negotiating their best deals of the year.

And lots of Albany Santas are buying cars to put under the tree.

Hubbard said "Sold two yesterday as Christmas presents."

Experts say December is the best month to get the best deal on that four wheel gift, even if it is for yourself. It's always best to do your homework before you make a large purchase like a new car. You can learn about incentives offered by all car manufacturers and suggested prices at Kelley Blue Book's web page .

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