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Whooping Cranes rest in South Georgia

December 3, 2003

Sasser- The whooping cranes are back in South Georgia, but they are a little late this year.

Every year whooping cranes, an endangered species, are raised and taught to migrate to Florida for the winter. They usually stop for one night in Terrell County.

Friday, they traveled 153 miles from Carrolton. That's the farthest they have traveled in one day since starting their trip. The problem has been bad weather.

"We spent three separate times sitting for a week," said Stacy Ulrikson, a volunteer who travels with the migration group. "We'd fly one day and we'd sit for seven. Then we'd fly another day and we'd sit for seven. And there was only two times we've flown two days in a row this entire migration."

An ultra-light plane guides them on their trip from Wisconsin to Florida.

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