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Spence Field of Dreams

December 3, 2004

Moultrie--- Spence Field has officially re-opened its skies and its runway to Moody Air Force Base Friday.

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General John Jumper, who earned his wings at Moody Air Force Base in 1967, visited Moultrie Friday morning to mark the occasion.

For the first time in more than 40 years, Moody Air Base students will earn their wings at Spence Field. Moultrie Mayor Bill McIntosh and Senator Saxby Chambliss welcomed the pilots to Colquitt County, where the pilots will be training on the T-6 Texan aircraft.

Retired Spence Field Air Force instructors are glad to hear military planes buzzing over Moultrie again. The noise brought fond memories back to life and old friends back together.

World War Two veteran, John Zuck, was assigned to the Moultrie runway 60 years ago. In the crowd-- another memory was waiting. Zuck and Bob Reed had no idea they would see each other in 2004, but they showed up with identical 1942 yearbooks, and pictures with countless memories.

Robert Reed said, "A feeling of nostalgia, and my whole body is tingling with the thrill of being part of the Air Force."

They retired as Lt. Colonels. "Absolutley, I cried like a baby when I left the Air Force," Reed said.

The men have more than the Air Force in common. They were born out of state, but recently shared 60 year anniversaries with women from Colquitt County. "Right, they were natives," said Zuck.

Turns out, Zuck and Reed still live near Spence Field with wives they both met because the military assigned them to Moultrie.

The veterans will be able to keep memories alive, because Moody Air Force Base students have already started their touch and go exercises at Spence Field.

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