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Fight breaks out between police and a family

December 3, 2004

Albany- The area around Albany High School is quiet now, but less than 24 hours ago it was the scene of a brawl between police and members of an Albany family.

It all started when police say they tried to disperse a suspicious crowd in the 800 block of Residence Avenue.

"We had one gentleman who became very combative and disorderly and threatened the officers safety and using profanity and then kicked one of the police cars," says Lt. Tracey Barnes of the Albany Police.

That person was a 16-year-old male. When officers tried to take him back to his Residence Avenue home, they say his mother Tisha Jones was furious and began cursing.

"So they went to place her under arrest for disorderly conduct, and she became combative and resisted. Then family members and friends joined in and attacked the officers who had showed up to help," says Barnes.

Among those friends and family members were Gibralter Williams and Dominque Wooden, both of whom were arrested and charged with obstruction.

"I saw where he put his hands around the minor's neck and just put him on the ground and put him in handcuffs," says an eyewitness.

The eyewitness who does not want to be identified says officers went too far and should have tried to calm the family down before the fight broke out.

"The officers started spraying the mace in the minors face and the mother and they took everybody to jail who was in the midst of it, but they sprayed everybody and it wasn't right. The cops are supposed to protect and serve, but I didn't see that yesterday," he says.

But police say the incident would have never gotten out of control if the crowd didn't get involved.

"When people try to get involved in something they don't know anything about it's helpful if they will stay back and let the situation be handled. You can always ask questions later," Barnes says.

Police say none of the officers involved in the altercation were seriously injured and the damage to the patrol car was very minimal.

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