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No-chase policy thwarts arrests

December 3, 2004

Albany -A  video from a Lee County Sheriff's car last night shows them involved in a high speed chase. The men being chased were Maceo Hayes and Ronnie James, both suspected of dealing Crack Cocaine. Chief Dennis Parker with the Lee Couty Sheriff's department explains"They were pursued into Albany,"  where the Albany Police department would not assist in the chase.

"It did not meet our criteria for being involved in a pursuit," said Albany Police Department Lt. Tracey Barnes,  but as the criminals got farther into the city of Albany without the help of the police department, Lee County Sheriffs deputies pulled up to the area of 7th and Jefferson street to find the suspects abanonded their car, and fled on foot.  Parker says "Our policy is that we would assist them in a pursuit if they came into our county."

Albany police are reluctant to say when they will or won't get into high speed pursuits not wanting to give that information to would be criminals who decide to flee. What they do say is in certain more serious crimes, they will pursue fleeing suspects. Although their policies are different, both agree "The big picture is to protect the citizens," said Parker.

Their policies are designed to protect citizens, but possibly create a loop hole for criminals.

A-P-D says their chase policy stems from a desire to avoid injuries to pedestrians and other drivers.

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