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More Georgia troops ordered to Middle East

December 3, 2004

Albany-- With Iraqi elections coming up at the end of January, more troops are being sent to the war-torn nation to increase security. Third Infantry Division soldiers say they are ready to go.

The seven 3rd I-D soldiers are heading to Iraq in January.

Sergeant Jody Miller of Albany has been to Afghanistan, but this will be his first deployment to Iraq. "It's mainly guys who have never been, we train them up as much as we can and make sure they are ready to go and do what we have to do when we get over there."

His comrades, Specialist Darrell Ambos and Sergeant Gregory Pruitt, spent seven months in Iraq last year.

"I'm anxious to go across there, the only thing is I'm going to miss my family," said Pruitt.

Ambos: "It's been kind of expected for the last six months, ready to go and do our job," said Spc. Darrell Ambos.

Pruitt: "I just hope they get their stuff together, liberate their county as much as they want to and send troops back home.

Private First Class Rupert Kurmis was deployed to Iraq with Ambos and Pruitt. It will be the first deployment to Iraq for Private First Class Shane Plunkett, Private First Class Nicolos Moore, and Private Second Class John Nemec.

The soldiers are currently training at Fort Benning. They are expected to ship out in January and may be gone for more than a year.

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