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Marine commander saluted

December 2, 2004

Albany-- Former Commander Harold Mashburn, Junior is remembered. He died just two days after retiring from MCLB, Albany.

At a service Thursday, General Mashburn was remembered as a leader who did not show weakness, even in the face of illness, but was extremely tolerant of weakness in other people.

Many of those who served under him, as well as friends paid their respects in a memorial service.

“The general, while he was a very private person, loved his Marines and sailors under his command and he loved his corps deeply,” Said Navy Chaplain Richards. “He did not want people to see his illness, because he did not want people to see in him a weakness.”

Another memorial service was held today at the Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis, Maryland.

Maj. Gen. Mashburn will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on December 7th.

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