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City gets temporary captain

December 2, 2004

Albany -- Albany city commissioners agree on who will temporarily run the city. Water Gas Light General Manager Lemuel Edwards will serve as interim city manager.

Lem Edwards has been general manager at Albany Water, Gas and Light for 14 years. "I am familiar with the city structure," said Edwards.

Now, he'll take the reigns of the whole city, at least while commissioners look for a successor to Janice Allen Jackson.

Just days after Janice Allen Jackson announced her resignation, commissioners agreed in executive session to tap Lemuel Edwards to take over her job on an interim basis. "Everybody at water gas and light is just behind him 100 percent," said WG&L spokesman Lorie Farkas.

Edwards said, "I agreed to do that at no cost to the city. It would involve working here and over there."

Edwards worked for ten years in the city's Human Resources Department moving to WG&L in 1991.

He's confident he'll wise decisions for Albany. "Very familiar with the position descriptions and evaluation process as used by the city so I think that will help me analyze where I need to start."

But can we expect to see Edwards fill the City Manager's position for good? Farkas says, "He's just merely going to in an interim position do everything he can to help get the city back on it's feet."

Then Edwards says he'll return to work solely at the place he calls his home-- Water Gas and Light. The City commotion is expected to vote for Edwards as Interim City Manager next week.

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