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Students take a trip on the Polar Express

December 2, 2004

Thomasville - The wheels may not be rolling down the tracks, but soon enough, the first and second grade students from Garrison-Pilcher will be glad they have their PJ's to keep them warm as they watch Polar Express the movie.

Teacher Marty Prine says, "We read the story, took tests on it, did activity sheets and we're here to have an early Christmas."

A present some of these students have never experienced. Prine says, "It's important to all of us, because some of our students have never even been to the theater."

So, how was the trip? Shelby Howard says, "It was fun!" Carlton Ogletree says, "It's about this kid, he goes to the North Pole." A child who learns something on his journey.

Prine says, "The Polar Express is about a little boy that didn't know if he believed or not so he got on the train called the Polar Express and he went to visit Santa and he learned that you can believe." Believe in the joy of Christmas. All you have to do, is get on board. 1230 students from Garrison-Pilcher will watch the movie this week.

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