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Army soldiers complete mission at Moody

December 2, 2004

Moody A.F.B. - With so many U.S. troops overseas, reservists are helping state side.

Soldiers from the Army National Guard in LaGrange, Georgia have been providing security at Moody Air Force for two years. Now, they are returning to their unit.

"There's a lot of training that went on because they were transportation troops and we're having them do security forces work. But after the training they really took it to a new level with their motivation. They really did a great job," said Maj. Scott Spires of the 347th Security Forces.

"It's kind of like guard duty. You pay attention to your surroundings, what's going on with the people around you and the people entering the base," said David Hicks Specialist for the National Guard.

To fill the void, the Air Force will contract gate security to U.S. Protect.

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