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Child support amnesty begins

December 1, 2004

Albany-- If you're behind on your child support payments, you can settle up without worrying. But those who don't pay during an amnesty period could end up in court or even behind bars.

Georgia's Amnesty program for parents who are behind in child support began today. The grace period is designed to collect child support money, help delinquent parents get back on track, and save your tax money.

Wednesday is the beginning of an important period for parents not caught up with child support payments. "People who are behind in child support can come forward and work out an agreement with child support enforcement without fear of being arrested," says Attorney Katherine Ingram.

The amnesty program will only last until December 10th. "They can work out a payment plan," said Ingram. "It's going to be a good thing for the children in Georgia."

A plan to collect child support for kids throughout the state, and a plan to save taxpayer money without the cost of enforcement actions to put delinquent parents behind bars. "Other states that have done it, it has proven to be successful."

Parents have only ten days. "This isn't an all year thing. This is an amnesty period." A period that can help delinquent parents pay up. Now would be a good time to contact child support enforcement to keep from possibly getting locked up.

Georgia tested the Child Support Amnesty program in Columbus. More than 100 parents settled their accounts.

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