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Kids go back to school with free glasses

December 1, 2004

Albany - Eye exams and glasses aren't cheap and for families who are struggling financially, taking a child to get his eyes checked can put strain on the wallet. Free glasses and exams are clearing up the stress.

Daniel Means can finally focus on his schoolwork. He says, "When I came in I couldn't see that far and now I come back out and I can see far, the board and everything with my lessons and stuff."

LensCrafters in Albany selected him and 15 other students to come in and walk out with free eye exams and glasses. Tiffany Green smiles, "I could see far away, but up close I couldn't read nothing."

After careful selecting, both ended up with glasses to be proud of. Daniel laughs, "Mine are cool, I picked them because they are nice and have my style." His mother, Linda Means, says, "We tried on about 10 pair before we finally decided on those."

Daniel is a B-average eight grader who gives an A-plus to the Hometown Day free giveaway.

LensCrafters does this every December.

Approximately 20,000 people get free glasses and exams each Hometown Day.

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