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Technology provides overseas learning

December 1, 2004

Valdosta - Janice Daugharty is sitting in a classroom at Valdosta State University, sharing creative writing ideas with students in Bourneamouth, United Kingdom. "It's wonderful to come into this 21st century classroom, have all this equipment set up where I can go to any school and talk to students as long as I want," said Daugharty.

This published author can offer advice to English students across the globe with the help of advanced technology. It's part of the "Georgia Writes" program at V.S.U. "Sometimes you just need someone else's inspiration and its a brilliant opportunity for someone like Janice to share her knowledge," said Kathryn Brasier, UK English Teacher.

There's lots of differences in our worlds. For example, its the end of the school day in their country, and just the beginning in ours. But today's topic of discussion is the same in both places. "Any good literature is universal and they said my work is not different than what they have there," said Daugharty.

Daugharty travels to schools all over the state to talk with students about her career, but now she can visit with students 20 miles away, or on the other side of the ocean using this distance learning program. "I prefer working in surroundings that are very comfortable and I just don't like to travel so I love this," said Daugharty.

And students all over the world can experience the style of learning we have here in America.

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