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Affordable homes being built for you

November 29, 2004

Camilla - There's a new program to help working families buy homes. The Camilla Housing Authority is accepting applications now.

It's called Home Again. The Camilla Housing Authority was chosen by the Department of Community Affairs to start building. Homes are already in the works and so are applications.

Janet Jones' dreams were finally unlocked. Jones smiles, "A dream come true." A full-time student and single mom who was living with her mother, until July first of this year. She got a home with a whole lot of help. Jones says, "It's yours, feels a relief."

And she's not the last one to get that sort of relief from the Camilla Housing Authority. Executive Director, Barbara Hilliard, says, "We are building four houses under the Department of Community Affairs."

Hilliard explains, "We are targeting working people who need a place to live."

People who are stuck between making too much to get assistance, but not enough to buy a house.

The $85,000 three bedroom brick homes will be sold for $78,000. Camilla and Mitchell County donated the vacant lots. Grant Coordinator, Mike Tabb, say, "Place a new homeowner and sell them and that puts them back on the tax base. It's good business for the City and County to do that."

And good for people like Janet Jones. Without extra help this 25-year-old and her 7-year-old would be home with her Mom and Dad.

So far, 15 people have applied for the Home Again Program. The homes should be up for sale in the Spring.

To sign up for the Home Again Program visit the Workforce Development Center in Camilla.

They can help you with your application. If approved, they will also offer credit counseling.

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