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State hospital patients could use some cheer

November 29, 2004

Albany -- You can help brighten the holidays for adults at Southwestern State Hospital in Thomasville.

The boxes are empty now, but the Albany Parks and Recreation Department is working with south Georgia mayors to fill the boxes with gifts. It's the 46th Annual Mayor's Motorcade, and on On December 15th, the presents will be given to mentally and physically challenged patients at the state hospital.

"By the 14th, I hope to have several vans for of material," said Kristen Caso of the Parks and Recreation Department. "So different civic organizations, clubs and schools, please come and bring the stuff by the administration building here in Tift Park."

You can donate at the Parks and Recreation administrative office on Tift Avenue in Albany during business hours Monday through Friday.

The patients needs personal items-- P-G or G-rated movies, C-D's, jewelry, playing cards, puzzles and games, and other gifts.

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