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Albany catches holiday spirit

November 29, 2004

Albany -- There's a first in Albany. Workmen are building an ice skating rink.

Starting this weekend, you'll be able enjoy a hot cup of hot chocolate, and probably a cold backside if you're a novice ice skater, which most of us southerners are.

Craftsmen are working 12 hour days to turn Riverfront Park into an ice skating rink. "Today, we're putting in a level surface of sand," said Mike Howard, with Midwest Display. "We'll pack it down, put a liner in, and then put tubes in for the freezing unit. Tomorrow, we'll start making a four inch layer of ice."

It takes three days before the ice is hard enough to practice your triple sow-cows or more likely, "Slide around a lot," said Rhett Odom.

Some Grady County students in town to tour the Riverquarium are proof that watching south Georgians ice skate may be more fun than actually ice skating. "It was hard standing up. I would always slip and do a split," said Haylee Brown.

And city and county workers are splitting their time trying to decorate downtown before the Christmas Parade Saturday. "We have little elves behind me from Water, Gas, and Light putting up the annual City tree," said Lori Farkas.

The 25 foot cedar came from Worth County and will be lit with thousands of lights. And Tuesday, workers will start putting up new holiday light displays.

"They'll see a wonderful display at the fountain at the county government building and our building will have a terrific display. And, there will be more wonderful displays down by Riverpark," said Farkas.

And we're not talking about a few snowflakes. These new lighting displays will have jumping fish and millions of lights. The city and county spent $80,000 on the new displays and ice rink to make sure this is a very Happy Holiday.

The Christmas Parade starts at 6:00 Saturday night, and you can also watch it live here on WALB.

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