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Thousands tailgate at ASU/VSU match up

November 27, 2004

Albany- Hours before the Albany State football team and marching band even took the field, tailgaters set up shop.

"We have here shrimp, crab, potatoes, low country boil, chicken wings, boudan sausage," says ASU Alum Eural Chestang.

The Old School Tailgaters say they started the tradition of partying while the team plays.

"We're the original tailgaters. We started at Hugh Mills about seven or eight years ago, and we have followed them every track they have made since then," says Chestang.

"We're welcoming alumni back from the sixties up through the seventies. We were all in school together, but it's actually open to the general public," adds Freddie L. Green.

ASU tailgaters shared their food with Blazer fans, as well as their pre-game predictions.

"I am a true fan. I'm a native Albanian and I love the Golden Rams, and we're going to take it today, without a doubt," says Henry Hill.

Former Valdosta State football players Marcus Johnson and James Sirmans came to watch the game, but they say they already knew the outcome.

"Both of us played in '94 and that's the only time they beat us. They're a good team, but it's going to be hard for them to beat us twice," says Johnson.

"Valdosta State of course, Albany State not really," says Sirmans.

By half time the rain started to fall and so did the Rams huge lead. Blazers fans were able to celebrate their victory.

"I got scared now 24 to zip. Thank God for the rain without the rain we might have lost," says Sirmans.

Still the rain couldn't wash away the spirits of the diehard ASU tailgaters.

"I may just go on to where ever the next game is going to be just to support them, just to support the Blazers, as long as I can tailgate," says Chestang.

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