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Thanksgiving fire destroys house

November 26, 2004

Dougherty County-- A fireplace may have started a fire that destroyed a northwest Dougherty County home Thursday night.

Two dogs and countless memories were lost in the fire on Eight Mile Road. Albany fire trucks hurried down the road for water to put out the fire destroying John Kehoe's home on Eight Mile Road. Now there is little left of where he once lived.

"John said when he woke up last night, there was flames and smoke coming out of the closet, that the smoke woke him up," Janice Kehoe said.

Kehoe is separated from his wife Janice, but Friday she tried to find anything in the charred home that could be salvaged. Everything was lost in the fire, including two young dogs that found their way into the home and were trapped by the blaze.

Janice Kehoe said, "The two Dauchsund puppies were missing and later found inside, dead."

Along with two of his puppies, he lost many childhood mementos including books and photos. "An old feather pillow. It didn't sound like much, but he loved that stuff. Stuff he'd had since he'd been a child."

Things he was always thankful for, but now are nothing more than piles of ash. It took 15 firefighters, four engines and three-thousand gallons of water to put the fire out.

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