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Picking a great tree

November 26, 2004

Albany-- Thanksgiving's over, the shopping has started, and now thoughts turn to Christmas decorating.

It's not easy picking that perfect tree, so we went straight to the experts. After forty years in the business, this father and son should know.

Getting the trees ready for sale is hard work--there is lots of work to be done, "I think we have gotten in about 1,200 so far."

This is the 40th year baseball great Paul Eames and his son, Glenn, have sold Christmas trees to Albany families. This duo knows a thing or two about Christmas trees. Glenn says, "I think the trees look great, what do you think? They look good, we were really pleased when we started taking them of the truck, you always have your fingers crossed hoping they come out real well and this year it looks like a real good crop."

Now, you can take their word for it or test out the tree's health for yourself. Here's how: "Go ahead and pull hard on the branch and you see only a couple needles come out. If you get a handful of needles that is a bad tree."

A second important measure of a quality tree according to Glenn, "Is to take and bend the branch, if that thing snaps then it is dry but if it springs back it is nice and fresh and those are the two biggest tests."

If the tree you select passes these two tests, it is a safe bet you can take that tree home. Take it from these guys--they know. Christmas tree prices range from about 20 to 48 dollars and up for larger trees.

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