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Family illuminates the holiday season

November 26, 2004

Thomasville - For more than 20 years the Hutchison family of Thomasville has been lighting up the holidays like no one else. Taylor Hutchison says, "We put up a whole lotta lights and we have fun doing it."

A "whole lotta lights" is an understatement. There are actually close to a half million lights in the magnificent display. "It's a lot of lights," says Emily Hutchison. "It's pretty. It's really pretty and it looks good." And it takes a lot of hard work to make it look good.

Hundreds of feet of extension cord is used, as well as close to 60 outdoor outlets Bobby Hutchison had installed just for these decorations. He says, "Each year it got larger and larger." The whole tradition started with decorating just one door. "I went out and put lights around the front door," says Bobby, "and they looked so good, I decided I'd put some around the shrubbery and the next thing I know, we was wrapping the house."

And although the light bill may get a little hefty this time of year, Hutchison says, "It's worth it. It's worth every penny we spend on it, if for nothing else, just for the kids, they love it."

And the Hutchison's love spending time with each other as they illuminate the holidays. Bobby says, "Anybody that wants to look at them, just come down Summerhill Road and follow the glow, follow the glow and they'll see it."

A glow that will warm your heart as it brightens the season. To see the Hutchison's display of lights, take Summerhill road off of highway 84 in Thomasville. Santa is expected to visit on Christmas eve before he delivers toys.

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