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Early shoppers save big

November 26, 2004

Valdosta -  It's the day after Thanksgiving, also known as 'Black Friday' and the busiest shopping day of the year. Die-hard shoppers headed out to the stores before sunrise in search of those holiday bargains.

Just two hours after Best Buy of Valdosta opened its doors Friday, some electronics were already extinct. "A digital camera in the ad is gone, the laptop and desktop packages we're advertising are gone," said Store Manager Steve Sager.

As early as 6:30 a.m., faithful shoppers formed a line that wrapped almost completely around the store. Some stood in that line for an hour and a half to make sure they didn't miss out on the post-Thanksgiving bargains. "Everything I've got I've got on sale," said Tammy Renfroe.

"Digital cameras are a real hot item, MP3 players, the laptop was probably the most sought after item," said Sager.

It's their busiest day of the year, and getting ready for it takes lots and lots of preparation. "Mapping the store out, we had over 1,000 maps drawn our for customers, we had three meetings with our employees on what this day is all about," said Sager.

But even with all the door busters and early bird savings, is it really worth waiting in those long lines? Some people say yes. "Because its just something we do every year, its fun," said Renfroe.

Others say its the last time they'll try it. "Not again, its not worth it and I'd rather just come back tomorrow!" said Charlie Teepell.

And even if they choose not to battle the crowds again next year, they're content knowing today's early morning shopping trip will leave them with a little extra cash in their pockets.

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