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Thanksgiving day shoppers beat tomorrow's Rush

November 25, 2004

Albany-People poured into K-MART this Thanksgiving morning. Shopper Tonya Cline says"While the ham and turkeys are cooking, we're out shopping." "I'm not suppose to be here. I'm suppose to be over next door at Harveys' buying some last minute Thanksgiving items," explained shopper Ervin Tate. 

It wasn't Thanksgiving on the minds of these shoppers. Shopper Dennis Weimer explains he's "Looking for any bargains before the Holidays." Today was about bargains and beating the Holiday Rush. "It's not worth it to for me to go tomorrow, the day after Thanksgiving when all the people run over your heels with their carts and everything," said Weimer.  Tate says "I figured I'd get a jump on the sales tomorrow and everything because a lot of times, things get picked over,"

Shoppers today got the first pick. Cline said she was "Doing pretty good. I've got this buggy and another buggy full," and once there buggies were full, it was time to fill their tummies, as shoppers checked out to make it home in time for Thanksgiving Dinner.

On the biggest Christmas shopping day of the year, some stores in Albany are opening as early as 5:30 a.m.

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