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Joyner leads Rams

November 24, 2004

Albany - The heart and soul for any football team is their quarterback.

He not only has to make the plays on the field.

He has to be a leader off the field.

And that is just what Albany State has in Uyl Joyner.

With the entire cheerleading squad wearing his number, there is no doubt Albany State quarterback Uyl Joyner is the big man on campus these days

Senior receiver Alvin Ray Jackson said "When you look at stats on paper, you wouldn't think that he is as good as he is but Uyl is the glue. He holds us together."

Senior defensive end Walter Curry said "He is just a daddy for our family. He is just a good guy, a competitor. He is just one of those guys that everybody wished they had on their team."

And those who are not on the same team as Uyl Joyner know how hard it is to beat him in any athletic endeavor.

Valdosta State defensive tackle Terel Toomer said "Uyl Joyner I have been chasing from high school to junior college and now I am chasing him here."

No matter what what Uyl Joyner is chasing, he always seems to attain it.

He quarterbacked Dougherty High to 1998 AAA state football title and has led Albany State to back to back SIAC conference championships.

Now he is just three wins away from taking Albany State to their first Division II national championship.

Uyl Joyner said "It is nothing to do with skill. It is just in the locker room trying to keep everybody focused and just make sure that everybody does their jobs and I think that is the biggest thing that I did at both schools."

One reason why Uyl Joyner is always winning is his easy going manner.

Something he learned from his late high school coach.

Joyner said "That is the biggest thing I learned from coach (John) Reynolds. He used to say loose and execute that is the only thing you have to do."

And there is no doubt that when Uyl Joyner is loose, the Golden Rams are executing their assignments on the field as Joyner hopes to lead Albany State to the division two semifinals for the first time in school history.

Joyner said "That would mean a lot for this whole program. Right now we have moved further than any team ever in Albany State history. But to get to the semifinals and to beat Valdosta State twice in one season would mean a whole lot for this program."

And that is why his Albany State teammates believe Uyl Joyner can lead them to another win over arch-rival Valdosta State this Saturday.

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