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Fleas, fleas everywhere!

November 24, 2004

Thomasville - South Georgia is a breeding ground for fleas. "They're year round around here because our environment," says Veterinarian Danny Culbreth. "It never really gets cold, cold, cold."

So fleas just continue to multiply, doing what they do best, pestering not only your animals, but your entire household. But you can win the battle.

Dr. Culbreth says, "If you treat the one thing that the flea is living to do, which is to bite the dog or the cat and get blood from them to lay more eggs to keep making new fleas, if we work from the animal end of it, then we eliminate having to do constant treating of the house and the yard."

The two most recommended treatments are frontline and advantage. "They're little drops that you put on the back and the things work," he says.

But in order for them to work as best as possible, don't wash your pets often, especially right after applying the medication, and make sure to treat them regularly. "They do work," says Culbreth, "but you have to treat all the pets and you have to be persistent, you can't just treat them once and forget about it."

Because you'll certainly remember once the fleas come back to visit. Frontline and Advantage average out to about $10 a month. Dr. Culbreth says there are cheaper medications, but they don't last more than a couple of days.

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