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Dangerous rainy day for holiday travelers

November 24, 2004

Albany-- Emergency crews and tow trucks were on the go Wednesday, cleaning up what drivers left behind.

The day before Thanksgiving is one of the heaviest travel days of the year. If you were on the road, you may have had to slow down because of constant rain and wrecks. Emergency crews stayed drenched as they helped others get out of bad situations.

Flooded streets had drivers stranded and slick roads had drivers calling insurance companies. A Dodge Neon's owner was stuck with a tow truck bill and a flooded floorboard.

Tow Truck Driver Wayne Cox said, "We've been pretty busy with all the rain, getting a lot of cars out of the water." "Some people kept driving through standing water, not knowing how deep the water was-- ignorance."

"I've got water marks up past my knees here, and that was just on the higher end, so that water was waste deep in the middle," Cox said.

"Drivers were losing traction, running off the road, hydroplaning, just not paying attention."

In Leary, Roger Crittenden said, "We've just had a steady hard rain."

Drivers were definitely taking a gamble driving their cars on 3rd Avenue, through standing water near Hillsman Park. A storm drain on Magnolia Street was overwhelmed, trying to keep up with excess water.

Liberty Expressway was the scene of a five car pile up. The first car allegedly hydroplaned and then hit the guardrail, which caused a domino effect of machinery. The northbound lanes were shut down temporarily.

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