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Albany airport busy the day before Thanksgiving

November 24, 2004

Albany -- This has been one of the busiest travel days in history in American airports. More people are traveling by plane today, than since 9-11.

Most people flying out of the Airport in Albany have seen delays because of the weather.More than 40 people getting security checked to board the ten AM flight from Albany to Atlanta, on the day before Thanksgiving.

Albany State Student Merari Putnam is flying home. Putnam said "Going home to see the family. Eat turkey and all that."

The jet was on the runway, the passengers checked, but they were told there would be a delay. Atlanta's airport said wait.

Cindy Burgoyne got off that jet from Atlanta headed to Valdosta. She had flown out of New York yesterday afternoon at two O-Clock, and delays had made her spend the night in Atlanta. Burgoyne said "Never going to do it again. Do not travel during the holidays." It has not been good? "No, I should have known better, but I learned my lesson though."

Nearly 12 hours after taking off, Burgoyne was only an hour and a half drive from her friends house. Burgoyne said "When I get there I am going to take a nap, because I was at the Atlanta airport all night."

Jeff and Lee Pierce are flying to Washington D.C., and hope they are not in for a long trip. Pierce said "I feel like we will do O.K."

After about an hour and a half delay, the passengers boarded the Delta Connection jet, and took off for Atlanta. But those connecting with other flights there, knew they probably would face more delays before they finally reach their Thanksgiving destination.

The Two O-clock jet from Atlanta to Albany was also delayed. More than 30 people flew out of Albany on that jet.

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