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Retailers ready for after turkey shopping

November 24, 2004

Albany-- Before the turkey is even put on the table, retailers are ready for the after Thanksgiving shopping blitz.

The holiday shopping season accounts for nearly half of all sales for the entire year for most stores, so you can imagine a lot is ridding on the next few weeks.

The sights of bells and sounds of holiday shopping are all around.  Joyce Luke says, "We are stocking, we are stacking, we even have a little sign that says line forms here to try to direct traffic." 

They've hired more people at Waldenbooks, banking on a successful holiday shopping season.  Luke, the manager, says "I am hoping it is this year, because you see, the weather hasn't helped, nobody has that feeling of Christmas, and I think they were holding on to their money for the election, so I am hoping this is going to break the ice, hey Christmas is in one month."

"Friday is going to be huge, Saturday huge, Sunday just as big as Friday and Saturday," says Logan's General Manger Bruce Drennan.

The shoppers have to eat and Logan's Roadhouse near the mall is expecting a busy weekend.  Drennan says, "We started hiring in September and October for right now.  You are not hiring for right now."

Time has run out for retailers--it's time to shop.

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