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Better budget gasoline this Thanksgiving

November 23, 2004

Albany-- There is a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but gas prices are NOT one of them.

You will be paying about fifty cents more per gallon compared with last year. But, the high prices isn't stopping people from traveling.

In fact, a record amount of people are expected on the roads this holiday. So, is there any way to save?

Families are already hitting the roads for the holiday. Jim Houldridge and his family are traveling to Arkansas, "It's 600 miles away!"

The Jenkins family is going to, "Columbus, Mississippi. It's a long way!" says Kelly Jenkins.

Whether you are traveling 600 miles, or just 60, we all have one thing in common--paying a lot more for gas this year. Jenkins says, "We are actually going in a motor home, so with six miles to the gallon I have a feeling we will be using at least 60 to 80 gallons worth of gas. It gets to be quite an expense, the biggest expense of our trip is the gasoline."

So how can you save? Fill up at home--today! Houldridge says, "Well, gas is usually a little cheaper in Georgia, in Albany, then it is in places in Alabama and Mississippi. We try to get to Louisiana before we buy more gas."

Besides filling up early, another way to save on the road is to stop where there is a cluster of gas stations competing for your business. Also, plan your trip ahead of time, taking into account when traffic will be the worst in cities you will be driving through.

Sitting in all that traffic eats up a lot of gas. While gas prices are eating at many families budgets this Thanksgiving, everyone we spoke to says the extra fifty cents is worth it, "It is all about family, and we have a great time in the motor home it is a great experience, and we will enjoy our Thanksgiving in Mississippi with the in-laws."

If you can, fill up as soon as possible. We started to notice that some gas stations began increasing their prices around lunchtime by about three cents.

Posted at 4:33 p.m.

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