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Group lists dangerous toys

November 23, 2004

by Brian Mooar

Washington, D. C. -- Just in time for Christmas, a consumer group is releasing a list of toys that could be dangerous to your child's health.

The Public Interest Research Group released its 19th annual roundup of dangerous toys, called Trouble in Toyland. The group says eleven children died and toys hurt tens of thousands last year alone, so it's warning parents to be careful.

Consumer advocates are taking aim at dangerous toys, toys that might be in your home right now. "Toys that are on store shelves have not necessarily been tested and aren't necessarily safe" said Lindsey Johnson, of The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG)

The Public Interest Research Group, is spreading the word about toys that pose choking and other hazards. At the top of this year's list, the popular Water Yo-Yo Ball.

It’s bouncy, squishy, fun, and according to PIRG, responsible for 400 injuries because it can wrap around children’s' necks or hit them in the eyes.

Johnson again this is the first toy to be banned in England in more than a decade the group found toys with toxic chemicals, like this nail polish set, and toys that are just too loud, like the machine gun which is nearly as noisy as a power saw.

Still, PIRG says American toys are safer than ever, and toy industry officials agree. Experts say parents need to be vigilant about which toys get into little hands, and mouths. Watch for small parts. If something is small enough to fit into a toilet paper tube, it's small enough to choke a child.

PIRG is urging parents to play it safe, so kids can be kids.  So the Toy Safety website.

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