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Chief calls patrolmen hardworking, dedicated

Acting Chief Bob Boren Acting Chief Bob Boren

November 22, 2004

Albany- Firmly but fairly. That's how the Interim chief says he's managing the more than 200 officers in the Albany Police Department.

Acting Chief Bob Boren says the department's image has been damaged over the past several months by the arrests of eight officers.

But Boren says all rules and regulations are being followed now and any officer who commits a felony is automatically terminated. Now, he's talking to community groups to rebuild confidence in the department.

"Let the citizens know that they have a professional department and the men and women work hard," Boren said. "They've dedicated their lives to this job and the citizens need to know that."

Boren also says higher salaries and better health insurance and pension will help. He says the starting salary for Albany police is $11,000 dollars less than what the Tallahassee Police Department pays.

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