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Blackmon trial continued

November 22, 2004

Sylvester- "It's just really frustrating," says Jade Blackmon.

Twelve year old Jade Blackmon will have to wait before she gets the chance to try to prove that a knife found in her purse by two other classmates wasn't hers.

"We didn't have one of our witnesses, but it's just been continued," says her mother Penny Blackmon.

She may have more time to prepare her defense, but a continuance means the 7th grader will have to wear an electronic monitoring device a little longer.

"I have to wait until next month to get this monitor off, and then it gets frustrating when I'm fixing to go to sleep or in the bathtub and all of a sudden I can't miss the phone calls," Blackmon says.

"I think it's harder on her because she's in the house all day, and she's missing school, but she's got a lot of friends that are giving her a lot of support, and of course her brother, sister and me. So, I just want it to be over soon," says her mother.

Even though time may not be on their side, the Blackmon's say they're confident the law will be.

A Worth County juvenile judge did grant Blackmon permission to go to Atlanta to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Her trial is scheduled to resume during the first week of December.

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