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Noisy trucks disturbing the peace in Sylvester

November 21, 2004

Sylvester-- A noisy problem in Sylvester. Pick up truck drivers are removing their mufflers to make their trucks high powered noise makers. Police want to put the brakes on the growing trend.

 Sylvester city leaders say is keeping residents up at night. "It's a problem," says Warren Downs. "We can't watch TV."

Sylvester Police Chief Tony Strenth says those are just some of the complaints coming from residents. The noise problem -- pickup trucks with altered exhausts.

Not only is the noise disturbing the peace, but it's also breaking a city noise ordinance.

"For a lot of these young people, their music is the exhaust. They enjoy hearing the exhaust. They will get down on it so they can hear the exhaust," says Strenth.

"You could actually feel the vibration inside the house," says Downs.

It's a noise Downs and his wife know all too well. The trucks often speed through their block.

"It sounded so loud it could have been an airplane," says Downs.

"Someone is going to be pulling out of the driveway and they come so fast, there is going to be a collision. It's going to be tragic," says Gina Downs.

Police hopes to quiet the noise makers by targeting them for tickets, then giving them 30 days to make things right.

"The officers that wrote the citation or myself will listen to the exhaust and see if they did something to fix the racket," says Strenth.

If offenders who've been issued tickets fix their exhaust, charges against them will be dropped. If they don't they could face up to $100 fine.

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