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Worth Co. deputies get in knife fight

November 19, 2004

Albany -- The brawl started when Worth County Chief Deputy Bobby Sapp and Deputy Leonard Davis, out for drinks at an Albany bar, thought they saw a handicapped customer being manhandled.

Although bar patrons, and even the disabled customer, told the off-duty deputies it was just horse play, the deputies were angry. The argument quickly turned into knife-wielding brawl.

21-year-old Aaron Dunlop is still shaken after a wild bar fight complete with knives, flying chairs and two off-duty Worth County deputies.

A fight that broke out when the deputies mistook a friend's horse play for a fight.

"We were all horse playing, having a good time, and I went home and came home to change cloths and the guy at the table was all upset," says Dunlop.

The big man, Deputy Leonard Davis, was sitting with Chief Deputy Bobby Sapp, and Davis was upset because Dunlop is disabled and he believed that Dunlop's friend was playing too rough.

"I walked over there and told him I was fine," says Dunlop.

That's when Dunlop's roommate, James Bush, told the deputies to butt out. That when witnesses say Deputy Davis pulled out a pocket knife and tried to cut Bush's throat, cutting the man's neck and hand.

Then Bush pulled out a knife and sliced Deputy's Davis's arm. All the while Chief Deputy Bobby Sapp has his own knife in hand.

"They were playing with knives earlier in the night and the girls made them go and put them up," says Arnold Gray.

Bar goers were able to break up the fight and the two deputies and Bush spent a the morning in jail, where they were treated for their injures. Dunlop says even if the deputies were trying to help they were wrong.

"You don't come out and pull a knife on somebody regardless," says Dunlop.

Bush and Davis were charged with aggravated assault and carrying a deadly weapon. Chief Deputy Sapp was charged with carrying a deadly weapon into a public place. All of the men are out on bond.

Worth County Sheriff Freddie Tompkins is out of town and couldn't be reached for comment. Both deputies are still working at the Sheriff's department.

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